Getting back into the swing of things…

I really should be keeping this thing updated better, as I’ve bogarted the domain name for a few years now. I wanted to keep the content more focused, but my interests are all over the place, so I think it’ll stay a bit of a mixed bag. Judging by my Google Reader folders, some recurring themes may be:

  • Politics and foreign policy
  • Design (in pretty much any form)
  • Responses to current events
  • Food!

As I continue the job hunt and try to ramp up on some techie skills, I might have more to contribute in that area.

For now, here’s an annoying Post article entitled “Dudes Do Food,” detailing the rise of home cooking among young men. Great trend, irritating and stale gender-stereotypical framework. Why is it gradually becoming more acceptable for guys to be in the kitchen? Not because it’s a useful life skill or anything — that’s just silly — it’s because it impresses the ladies! Oh, and because Food Network hosts made fishmongering into a manly affair, or something. And since baking would normally be considered way too effeminate for real men to engage in, we are introduced to Butch Bakery, with their wood-grain and camouflage cupcakes and “MAN-ifesto” promising “manly cupcakes for manly men.” It’s easy to brush this kind of thing off, but this fantastic post from Melissa McEwan gets at the deeper issue here. We learn from a very early age that certain activities/tastes/whatever are coded masculine versus feminine, and that the masculine almost always trumps the feminine. All too often the subtle manifestations of this are overlooked, and that just goes to show how prevalent and normalized these codings are.

Read the whole post, it’s well worth it.

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